Technology & Use Case

ZeroCoin Protocol

HexxCoin makes use of the ZeroCoin protocol in order to achieve anonymity in transactions. Instead of having to trust the development team with a trusted setup, like zkSNARKS, ZeroCoin takes a non-anonymous coin and exchanges it for a "ZeroCoin" which can't be traced back to a specific user.

These ZeroCoins can then be exchanged back for a non-anonymous coins. This is all integrated into the core wallet, which also supports use with TOR for added protection for your identity.

CPU Mining & Xnode Masternodes

HexxCoin uses a combination of CPU mining & Xnodes to secure the network and verify transactions. CPU based mining prevents centralized mining operations from dominating HexxCoin's Hash power. Most centralized operations use ASICS or GPU rigs. In addition to CPU mining, Xnodes also play a role in transaction verification. Each Xnode requires 2,000 HexxCoins. These nodes can be setup using the ChainSilo service linked above or more technical users can setup their own nodes using a VPS or their local machine.

Fast Block Time

New transaction blocks are processed every 2.5 minutes in comparison to the slower 10 minute block times for Bitcoin (BTC). This means transactions are extremely fast and get confirmed faster than Bitcoin.

Limited Circulating Supply

The limited supply, responsible coin minting (CPU+Xnode+Dev Fund), and HexxCoins locked up in Xnodes help create a stable market value for HexxCoins. There can never be more than 9,999,999 HexxCoins in circulation.

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Responsible Block Rewards & Governance Fund

Each block 2 HexxCoins are created up to the maximum 9,999,999 supply. The rewards are split across the CPU miners (0.7 Hexx), Xnode holders (0.7 Hexx), and the Governance Fund (0.6 Hexx). The Governance fund is exclusively used to further awareness of the HexxCoin project (Marketing Efforts), establish new partnerships (Use Case beyond forking with other coins), & getting listed on new exchanges.

Dedicated Team

HexxCoin has a team dedicated to this project. We are here to help other projects fork with HexxCoin allowing them to add ZeroCoin protocol privacy to their platforms. The 1st such fork will be BitcoinZero (BZX), which will fork Bitcoin (BTC) with Hexx (HXX). You can find more information about BitcoinZero on their website:


Average tx Confirmation Time


Block Reward


POW Algorithm


Difficulty Retarget Function


Ticker Symbol

Zerocoin Protocol

Privacy on the Blockchain


Network Backbone

Wallet Client

Available from Github


dollar euro
BTC MarketCap: $
~ HXX Total supply: 9,999,999 HXX
% Volume (24h): $


Q1 2018

  • Community Takeover (Complete)
  • Establish New Team (Complete)
  • Core Update (Complete)
  • Add Xnodes (Complete)
  • Add Governance Fund (Complete)

Q2 2018

  • Cloud Xnode Hosting Service (Complete)
  • Get Listed on New Exchanges (CryptoBridge & BlockNet) (Complete)
  • Adding Zerocoin protocol (Complete)
  • BZX fork date announcement: August Q3 2018 (Complete)
  • Exchange Listing (LiveCoin) (Complete)

Q3 2018

  • Shared Xnode service (Complete)
  • Exchange Listing (SistemKoin) (Complete)
  • Pre-Fork (tech/test) HXX + Litecoin(LZX)(Complete)
  • HEXXchange (In Progress)
  • Fork with Bitcoin to create BitcoinZero (BZX)(Complete)

Q4 2018

  • Create portal for teams to submit fork requests
  • Update Xnodes to allow for multiple levels of nodes
  • Add community voting system
  • Continue to establish quality partnerships and grow the network of businesses that will accept Hexx



Why use HexxCoin to Fork with and not another coin?

HexxCoin has a low circulating supply meaning it won't have a large impact on most forked coin's new circulating supply. It also has a dedicated team here to help projects with the forking process with the HexxCoin project. Finally it enables forked coins to add ZeroCoin protocol to their coin/platform which doesn't require a mixing service or trusted setup.

How can I follow the HexxCoin project?

You can get in touch on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram

Which exchanges is Hexx currently listed on?

Cryptopia, LiveCoin, SistemKoin, TradeSatoshi, CryptoBridge, Blocknet and more coming soon!

When is the 1st fork with Hexx going to happen?

The 1st fork will be with Bitcoin (BTC) and will occur Q3 of 2018. More details coming soon. Visit BitcoinZero (BZX) site for more details:

Does this coin use trusted setup for zerocoin feature?

No it does not. It uses parameters RSA-2048 from RSA Factoring Challenge. More information HERE.

How is Hexx (HXX) different from ZClassic (ZCL)? Aren't they the same?

No they aren't the same. ZCL doesn't have a dedicated team supporting future development, has no governance fund for marketing or additional exchange listings, has 2.5x the supply of HXX, and uses zkSNARKS which requires trusted setup by the development team. I don't know about you, but I don't want to have to trust the setup provided by the development team that abandoned the project with my privacy. Do you?

How do I mine Hexx?

Install CPU miner and you are good to go. Here is a link: Cpu miner

Do you have an ANN thread on BitcoinTalk?


Do you have a whitepaper?

Yes. Find the whitepaper HERE

Where is a blockexplorer?

Hexxcoin Blockchain Explorer

What is the Use case for Hexx?

Hexx is being used as a platform for forking with other projects allowing them to add ZeroCoin protocol privacy. In general, privacy based coins serve the purpose of shielding users from being exposed on how they are spending their money. Whether it is purchasing alcohol, pornography, sex toys, or other transactions you might not want made public. Everyone has a right to privacy when it comes to how they use their hard earned money. Staying private doesn't mean funds are being used for illegal purposes.

Where can I find more info about Zerocoin protocol?

Zerocoin whitepaper

How profitable is it to run an Xnode?

It depends on the number of active Xnodes, but you can check out, or for more information or use the commands !Xnodes and !XnodeIncome in our Discord channel to see current Hexx earned per day per node.

Can I donate to the project?

Absolutely. Any donations received will be used for marketing and future exchange listings. Send Hexx donations to HQ6ggnuKivhZ4gifkNHXdMnVU9FJVUJgHQ



DEVØØ7 (James)

Lead Core Developer

Software developer based out of Finland. Has extensive expertise and experience with enterprise level software development. James decided there was a great opportunity to make a privacy-centric Bitcoin fork using a low supply, abandoned coin (HexxCoin) that given proper execution could get sufficient exchange support and deliver a truly decentralized GPU/ASIC resistant Bitcoin with privacy and masternodes built in.


SHIKIØ (Albin)

Core Team Developer, PR Consultant


Slovenian IoT enthusiast and cryptocurrency miner based out of Slovenia. Computer engineering background.



Core Team Developer


Dutch full stack developer. Web and Application developer with experience with various programming languages including Python, JavaScript, React, HTML5, and CSS3/SASS. Also has expertise in cyber security and blockchain technology.



Core Team Developer

German Developer based out of Germany. Computer Science background


ZAX (Vladimir)

Core Infrastructure Architect

Bulgarian software developer with 15+ years of experience, 2+ in Crypto. Experience includes expertise in distributed/scalable solutions, cyber security, open source development, service oriented architecture, database architecture, and cloud computing.


KRATØS (Antoine)

Social Media Lead

Masters in business management from INSEAD europe. Computer scientist and engineer.



Marketing/Social Media Support

Based out of Australia. As an instructional writer, he contributes guides and written material for the HEXX community.



Lead Graphic Design

JosephX is an Australian cryptocurrency enthusiast, privacy advocate and Brand Designer for creative and emerging technologies and has worked across multiple cryptocurrency projects to translate complex concepts to a broad audience.

Get Started

Get Started

Before you can use Hexxcoin you will need the latest wallet to store your coins safely on your PC. After installing the wallet you are ready to get Hexxcoins by mining or buying coins on exchange.

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CHAINSILO provides a easy, fast, secure and simple service to get your Xnode up and running!


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